Workflow for Panoramas

18 June 2011 11:44 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

A suggested workflow for handling panoramas in Lightroom and PTGui.

In Lightroom, create a folder for panoramas, and a subfolder for each one, named by the number of the first image in the panorama sequence. Move the images to the appropriate folder.

In PTGui, for each panorama set:

Load the images and create the panorama. (Or open existing project). Use Equirectangular setting, and use sliders in the editor to remove unwanted whitespace. Note the horizontal field of (...)


Lightroom Imports

15 June 2011 11:21 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

Before importing photos from a new photoshoot, it's worth double checking your import settings - and one general preset.


  • No auto-toning
  • Plan ahead to define your destination folder
  • No need for subfolders by date
  • No need for file renaming
  • Apply lense correction
  • Use the metadata presets
  • Add lots of keywords

Lightoom General Preset

The "one other" is auto-tone, (...)